Customer Comments!

~ "YOU woman have a gift of inspiring through your work ... I'll bet you only know of less than 1% of the people that you have touched through your beautiful treasures ...B.D."

~"Hi Sandy,
My name is Betsy. I have worn your silver cuffs for a few years now. My very favorite is "It will be alright." I used to buy these from Femail Creations but they quit carrying them. I thought all was lost. You see, I would give them away to women I would see who were having a hard time. I gave my first one to my mother when she lost her best friend about three years ago. When I had to go to rehab and leave my four daughters for a month, she gave the cuff back to me. While in rehab I met a dear woman who was really struggling. I gave her the cuff and told her to keep it as long as she needed it and then pass it on to someone who needed it more. I came home and ordered many more over the next couple of years, wearing them and then giving them away. I had given my last one away when they quit carrying them. My mother gave me one I had bought to replace hers and I have worn it for the past year. When I found your website with your cuffs, I almost died!!! I immediately bought another one for my mother. I also bought three others that I loved. I stack them on my left arm and don't wear anything else. My daughters love my cuffs. I also wear my "One Day at a Time" cuff every day. I just bought the men's version for a friend of mine who is celebrating 17 years in recovery on Friday.

Well... I know you are tired of reading this! Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful cuffs and tell you what they have meant to me!!!
betsy j."

~"Just wanted to let you how much I love your jewelry. It is so beautiful and unique. I am so happy I was able to find your website. I participated in the Philadelphia "Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure" this past October. You have no idea how much the your bracelet inspired me. We walked 60 miles over 3 days and your inspiration kept me going.
Thank you so much." Patty H.

~"I wanted to send along a "Thank you" to you! Last June, I purchased several
bracelets from you. They were for my bridesmaids. The bracelets were the perfect gift and meant so much to everyone! It felt so good to be able to choose the perfect bracelet for each
girl! It is so neat to see my sister and my friends wearing their bracelets
all of the time. I also wear mine constantly. I bought myself the "Bless
this Woman." Soon after the wedding, my husband and I found out we are
having a baby! (Due pretty soon!) I was very sick at the beginning of the
pregnancy, and I used my bracelet as a focal point and something to keep me
focused while I was struggling with sickness. I love my bracelet so much
and wear it every day! Thanks again for sharing your gifts and talents with
the world! You are amazing!" Amy R.

~"my last "Bless this Woman" bracelet went to a special lady ... she is one of the top 3 breast doctors in NJ (I had a calcification several years ago so I went to her and praise God no problem) ... turns out that in Feb she herself was diagnosed with breast cancer ... she told me that she wore her bracelet into the operating room!!! how cool is that ... what a difference your talent makes in people's lives Sandy ... blessings!"

~"I was in a shop called Earth Spirits in Palm Desert, Ca a few years ago. My husband found this lovely silver bracelet with 3 daisies on the top and told me to buy it. My husband had cancer and this was a goodbye trip to family and friends in Calif but I wasn't in the mood to buy jewelry at the time. A year after my husband's death, I was in this store again and I asked if there was a bracelet with 3 flowers on the top. To my surprise, there it was just waiting for me. The salesperson asked me if I knew the inscription inside, which I did not. When I saw "and she lived happily everafter" I cried and so did everyone else in the shop. Needless to say, I bought the bracelet immediately and have never taken it off! It is as if you designed that bracelet specifically for me! Thank you!! I am now purchasing from you the "I will Travel down the Path of my Dreams", and "Believe in Yourself!" Marie C.

I received the 2 bracelets today. They are "perfect" I love the one you made for my son. That will be such a special present for his 21st birthday. I appreciate your work, love your pieces and will share your website with my friends.
thanks again :)" Janet D

I ordered two bracelets from you earlier this year. They were high school graduation gifts for twins.
I gave them to them at graduation and they absolutely loved them. They wore them all summer (pretty much every day) and wore them off to college.
One was the "Infinite Potential" cuff. The other was the pebble path cuff "I will travel down the path of my dreams". The sayings were perfect for their individual goals and personalities.
I am so happy I got them. I am even more happy that the bracelets are so special to them.
Thank you for being there and for the great items you provide and obviously choose carefully. Your items are excellent! I hope business is well for you.
I am sure I will be doing business with you again in the future. You are the best spot for those special and personal gifts.
Diane L."

~"Hi Sandy, We got them! We love them and haven't taken them off since they arrived. We've had them for about a week. I'm sorry I haven't been able to write til now. Thankyou for the little charm. it was a fun little surprise. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou, Love Jackie"

~"Absolutley brilliant!! I will be ordering in about three weeks when i get paid!! thanks ever so much Sandy!
Pictures are definatley going to happen!!